Full Face-Guard, set of 100


Includes: injection-moulded headband, clear PVC screen & head-strap


Injection-moulded headband

 - Injection moulded Nylon 6 engineering grade thermoplastic

 - Latex-free

 - Dishwasher-friendly

 - Flexible


Clear PVC Screen

 - A4 size, 240 micron (uM) = 0.24mm

 - Pierced and cropped. Standard A4 hole centres.

 - 10mm radius edge on all four corners


Comfort head-strap

 - FDA grade silicone rubber

 - Latex-free

 - Dishwasher-friendly

 - Non toxic, non marking and odour free

 - Colour is grey


Guards come unassembled. Please wash before use. 


Face-Guard set of 100, headband, clear screen & head-strap